Living a Life of HIV+ for 12 Years Now Since Childhood.

In Uganda, pediatric human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) are becoming increasing threats to orphan child health. Many of these children are under the age of 15 and they get this disease mainly at birth from the mother parent. Many of these children do not survive mainly those that live deep in villages because of not having access to hospitals or clinics for proper medication.

Today we bring you Patricia Sanyu one of our HIV positive children that we take care of here at our orphanage. She acquired this disease from her mother during birth. Unfortunately when her mum knew that she was positive, she did not take the responsibility of taking her for medication and even herself she had abandoned ARVs for a long time.

Patricia says ‘All the time I used to be weak and sick and sometimes I would miss classes because of being weak but I did not know what I was suffering from. One day, Papa Ivan and my care giver took me to the hospital for a blood check up and the results came back but I was not told anything concerning the results.

They used to give me medicine everyday but I thought I took it because of my weakness and sickness that I always got.

It was until I made 10 years when papa Ivan called me and told me the truth that I was HIV positive. He counselled me, prayed for me and told me that with God, everything will be okay and I will get healed one day and I will get out this horrible situation. But it was hard for me to bear it. I count it as my worst day that has ever happened in my life. I regretted why I was born. I cried, and mourned because I knew this was a killer disease that I will never get healed of.

And as a child, I had lots of questions and at times I keep asking myself; for how long will I live? Why was I born positive? Will it happen for me to be negative like my friends are?

Sometimes when I get sick again, I start panicking and terror hits me but then I try to calm down a bit and try to convince myself that my case is different, that I will somehow survive. Still when the weakness resists then I realize that my case is not different and that am going to die. I try to make peace with that fact and begin to prepare for my coming death. I find difficulties with associating with my friends, always I feel like am not like them. They are negative and I am positive.

Though all such kind of thoughts come way, I try to convince myself that am not going to die, am going to live for a long to see that I also help my fellow friends who are positive out there. That’s what keeps me alive every day. I take my medicine every day with the help of papa Ivan and my care givers. And I know with God’s help, I will get out of this horrible situation one day.’ Says Patricia.

As we bring you close to the people that we serve, today take time to read Patricia’s story. An HIV positive girl who needs to be sponsored. You can support her life, education and her feeding.

Please note that as you choose to sponsor this child/ program mentioned in this Article above, we will be sending you videos or photos of how your funds have been utilized as a way to bring you close to the people we both serve with your financial generous suppor

Surviving a Life of Torture and Child Abuse.

‘As a young girl, I lived at a home where my mother was drunkard as well as my father because they knew they were HIV positive. Since we were just a few steps from a bar, my mum and dad would go with me for drinking because they could not live me at home alone because I was still young. This bar could collect all kinds of drunkard people including prostitutes. They would come and suck down bottles and bottles of alcohol.  Since I was young, I didn’t know that taking alcohol was not a good thing. I remember one day when my mum gave me a bottle of alcohol to sip and taste its sweetness. I tried it out but it was so sour and I felt like my heart was burning inside so I had to spit it out but to my surprise, my mum gave me a slap saying that I was wasting her drink.’ Says Oliver

Oliver continue saying that ‘after they got drunkard, that’s when they would think of taking me back at home to sleep and my worry starts because reaching at home my  mum and dad starts to fight yet we lived in a single roomed house.

I would cover my head with a torn bed sheet that I had so that I don’t listen to their sound when arguing and fighting. It’s at that very time that you would hear your mum falling on you while crying after being bet by dad and from there you become a punching bag of her to get rid of the anger that she had towards dad. Imagine living in that situation for a week, months and years.’

Lots of children have become vulnerable here Africa because they live with alcoholic parents. They become the victims of alcohol and many have been tortured and live a life of being in pain and regretting why they came to earth.

Meet Oliver Akampulira here at God’s Village who lived in such a tough situation until when she was helped by Vangrace Compassion Ministries. As we bring you close to the people that we serve, we also bring you the children under our cares that still need to be helped.

Take time to think of the situation she was living in. Akampulira Oliver is now 12 years old. She lives with us here at God’s Village but she is in need of your help. Support her education, feeding, and her medication. With only $23 USD or More monthly, you can totally change a life of a vulnerable child here at Vangrace Compassion Ministries Orphanage -God's Village.  

Please note that as you choose to sponsor this child/ program mentioned in this Article above , we will be sending you videos or photos of how your funds have been utilized as a way to bring you close to the people we both serve with your financial generous support

God’s Village Cow Fundraising Project.

A project that started as a fundraiser to contribute funds towards the purchase of a cow for our children here at God’s Village.  Of which Brad pledged to pay any amount towards the purchase of the cow when other sponsors/friends/ any kind hearted person joins up with him to buy a cow for the orphanage. A short story was posted on our Face book page and group.  Surprisingly, another kind hearted person and member of "God’s Village Blog" Facebook Group Family ‘Bonnie’ saw this post and she was willing to join up with Brad to purchase a cow for the orphans in need.


As we are driven by the compassion of Christ, we have been seeing more ways that we can improve the standard of living of our children and the community at large by providing more service opportunities. We came up with a Cow Fundraising Project to enables us to have additional outreach with not only the orphans, but also the entire village. We didn't want to meet their spiritual needs only but also their physical needs mostly through feeding them properly and impacting our community to get involved in different commercial activities which are sustainable.

Vangrace Compassion Ministries’ intension for a sustainable project like the Cow Fundraising Project is to ensure that there is continuous supply of nutritious food in form of milk for our children and to raise standards of living at the orphanage-God’s Village. Livestock play a central role in our work, both as a strategy for alleviating poverty and achieving food security and proper nutrition

When you think of a Cow Fundraising Project, it truly can change the lives of the orphans. It means that the orphans are guaranteed nutritious food in form of milk every day.

The cow which was offered by Brad and Bonnie will be soon giving birth and this means that we will be having two cows in number and later on all of these cows will be lactating hence providing milk to the orphans and this will address malnutrition among the children who are our future of tomorrow. 


We want to thank you Brad and Bonnie for supporting our efforts through fundraising money towards the purchase of this cow!

We want to urge in to you more other people and members of ‘God’s Village Blog’ Family and other kind hearted friends to support this project in any way you can afford. Together, we can do more for the Kingdom of God here on earth and raise up a generation of children that will know and love the Lord.

Pastor Ivan and Prossy Ssewankambo's Christmas Letter.

Dear Friends,


Christmas is the most beautiful celebration of the year. Families reunite, relatives and friends gather, everyone exchange wishes and news. 

By this letter, I and my wife Prossy would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have been by Vangrace Compassion Ministries’ side to accomplish this wonderful mission of feeding and catering for our 279 children, widows and elderly people here at God’s Village and also those that have supported our Community Outreach Missions Programs.

Since this year began, we have seen God’s favor, grace, love and care for us all through the new friends that have joined the ministry and have stepped out to support us with what they have. Thank you all.

We cannot also forget to say there have also been a lot of challenges this year like monetary, food shortage, sickness and natural disaster like the heavy rains with storm that curled down thesleeping quarters of our children and also the pit latrine.  But in all, we praise God that we are still living, serving God and we will continue to live by His grace.

Thanks to all, not only for monetary support, but also for being present side by side by friendship, correspondence, by dedicating much time for our every day posts in our Facebook page and groups "God's Village Blog and Devotional Blog" as well as on our ministry website Blogs.

Thank to you all that sent in the "Surprise Boxes" to our children and those who offer their prayers in order to give life to this wonderful Ministry ‘Vangrace Compassion Ministries.

It is mutual word of thanks which we exchange to each other thus to feel part of the great family that has Love as father.

This Love we see to come to exist on our world on Christmas day.


Yours Sincerely





Pastor Ivan Ssewankambo