Irrigation Water pump Machine to Boost Farming at God’s Village.

All along, Vangrace Compassion Ministries’ farming project had been left behind and ignored due incidents like drought were by growing crops had been a hard task due to inadequate rain.

There were seasons when we grew our crops thinking that the rain will be constant since it was a rainy season but unfortunately the rain rained for only a week and it stop. All the crops were scotched by the sun and we made a loss.

Though we made a loss, this turned out to be a great advantage on our side as one of our members of God’s Village family and a sponsor now donated funds for the purchase of the irrigation system for God’s Village farming project.

‘We are so happy and fortunate to have this opportunity of having the irrigation system at our orphanage,’ Ivan the Director said.

The funds/money for the purchase of this irrigation system was donated by Brad Dyck who is part of God’s Village family/ sponsor.

Brad agreed to pay the all total cost of the irrigation system as you can see below in photos attached. And the irrigation system was purchase and brought to God’s Village.

‘Our fields/farm will now look better, there will be no need of waiting for the rainy season so that we can plant our crops, our crops will no longer be scotched by the sun and this time no more food shortage at our orphanage,’ Ivan Vangrace Compassion Ministries' Director said.

‘We could not have done this without you Brad. We truly have been blessed by you,’ Ronald the administrator said.

Hoping that many will look at this and make up their heart to get involved too in anyway like sponsoring Vangrace Compassion Ministries 9 care givers/ teachers and foster aunts and fathers. Together with you all, we can continue to bring impact at God's Village.