God’s Village Cow Fundraising Project.

A project that started as a fundraiser to contribute funds towards the purchase of a cow for our children here at God’s Village.  Of which Brad pledged to pay any amount towards the purchase of the cow when other sponsors/friends/ any kind hearted person joins up with him to buy a cow for the orphanage. A short story was posted on our Face book page and group.  Surprisingly, another kind hearted person and member of "God’s Village Blog" Facebook Group Family ‘Bonnie’ saw this post and she was willing to join up with Brad to purchase a cow for the orphans in need.


As we are driven by the compassion of Christ, we have been seeing more ways that we can improve the standard of living of our children and the community at large by providing more service opportunities. We came up with a Cow Fundraising Project to enables us to have additional outreach with not only the orphans, but also the entire village. We didn't want to meet their spiritual needs only but also their physical needs mostly through feeding them properly and impacting our community to get involved in different commercial activities which are sustainable.

Vangrace Compassion Ministries’ intension for a sustainable project like the Cow Fundraising Project is to ensure that there is continuous supply of nutritious food in form of milk for our children and to raise standards of living at the orphanage-God’s Village. Livestock play a central role in our work, both as a strategy for alleviating poverty and achieving food security and proper nutrition

When you think of a Cow Fundraising Project, it truly can change the lives of the orphans. It means that the orphans are guaranteed nutritious food in form of milk every day.

The cow which was offered by Brad and Bonnie will be soon giving birth and this means that we will be having two cows in number and later on all of these cows will be lactating hence providing milk to the orphans and this will address malnutrition among the children who are our future of tomorrow. 


We want to thank you Brad and Bonnie for supporting our efforts through fundraising money towards the purchase of this cow!

We want to urge in to you more other people and members of ‘God’s Village Blog’ Family and other kind hearted friends to support this project in any way you can afford. Together, we can do more for the Kingdom of God here on earth and raise up a generation of children that will know and love the Lord.